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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ricoh Caplio GX8 Review

Ricoh Caplio GX8A compact digital camera with the power to capture the essence of beauty. The power to bring your vision alive. The Ricoh Caplio GX8 with 8.24 effective megapixels. Stunning image quality. Vivid colors and deep gradation. For the love of photography.

8.24 effective megapixels for vivid image quality.
The Caplio GX8’s advanced technology for stunningly vivid photography fits inside a remarkably compact body. The CCD, the camera’s core imaging unit, is 8.24 effective megapixels. And Ricoh’s superior Smooth Imaging Engine image processing system achieves high-speed processing of high-resolution images while suppressing image noise. Even in large-sized prints, images are vivid and beautifully clean and sharp.

Creative control with Aperture Priority and Manual Exposure.
Bring your creative vision alive in landscapes and portraits with Aperture Priority mode. With precise control over depth of field, you can put beautifully focused attention on a foreground subject, or maintain sharp focus throughout the scene. Also, the Caplio GX8 gives you control over the shutter speed, which ranges in Manual Exposure mode from 1/2000 to 30 seconds.

1/3-EV-step exposure correction for subtle lighting conditions.
Approach scenes with extreme difference in brightness between your subject and the background like a pro. The Caplio GX8 lets you avoid over- or underexposure by making EV adjustments in 1/3 steps within a range of ±2.0EV.

Powerful wide-angle 28-85mm 3x optical zoom.
Wide-angle expression is the forte of Ricoh cameras. The Caplio GX8 takes it to a new level with an optical 3x zoom beginning at wide-angle 28mm. The zoom lens, consisting of 9 elements in 7 groups, ensures adequate peripheral light in wide-angle edges. Four aspherical lenses and four lenses with high refractive index and low dispersion are arranged to ensure well-balanced correction of aberration in all zoom ranges. Photographers have never encountered such advanced optical performance in a digital camera so compact.

High-speed response: approx. 0.10-second shutter release time lag.
The Caplio GX8 fires fast. A Hybrid AF system keeps shutter release time lag down to approximately 0.10 seconds (without focus lock engaged). The camera also powers up quickly: in about 1.3 seconds. After a shot, you’re ready for your next one in as little as 1.7 seconds*. Keep shooting in full 8.24-effective-megapixel Fine mode until you’ve filled the camera’s memory card.

The Caplio’s 1cm macro has a reputation for inspiring creativity.
Ricoh technology puts the art of macro photography at your fingertips. With the lens set at wide angle and autofocus engaged, you can shoot from as close as 1cm from your subject (10cm away in telemacro mode). By measuring and optimizing performance for subject size and contrast, the Caplio GX8 provides focus precision. See a world beyond the naked eye and capture it.

AF Target Selection expands macro-shooting possibilities.
With AF Target Selection, you can fix the camera on a tripod and shift the focus point to areas outside the center of the frame.

Internal flash with macro shooting.
For macro shooting with flash, you can shoot as close as 15cm from your subject without worrying about white out. Just zoom out to telemacro mode and shoot with the internal flash on.

Six scene modes make getting the right shot easy.
Six scene modes—Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Night Scene, Text and High Sensitivity—allow you to create the impression you want at a turn of a dial.

Three continuous shooting modes: regular, S-continuous, M-continuous.
Multiply your chances of getting the perfect shot with regular continuous mode. The Caplio GX8 will fire continuously for as long as you press down the shutter button. Two more continuous modes enhance your control in other ways. In S-continuous mode, a press of the shutter button fires 16 shots in approximately 2 seconds and stores them in a single file. M-continuous mode memorizes the last 16 shots in an approximately 2-second file. Good for capturing continuous motion sequences, these modes enable you to analyze your golf swing, etc. Each shot can be displayed large on the monitor and you can playback the entire sequence as animation.

The Caplio GX8’s expandability is an inspiration for the imagination.
More powerful than a compact digital camera, more compact and easier to use than an SLR, the Caplio GX8 is a bridge to the future of photography. Powerful extra features designed just for the Caplio GX8 expand your capabilities to the far reaches of your creativity.

Hood, adapter and wide conversion lens are available for super-wide 22mm photography.
Enjoy the benefits of bounce flash by connecting an external flash.Turn off the internal flash to save power and let the external flash fire continuously and at short intervals as needed since it is powered separately from the camera. Combine an astronomical telescope or microscope with your camera and let your creativity visit new worlds. An optional cable switch is helpful for preventing camera- shake during macro shooting or long exposures.

Three metering methods for the optimum exposure.
Choose the best metering method depending on the shooting conditions, the type of subject, or the desired creative expression. Multi mode divides the entire shooting range into 256 parts to measure light intensity. Center mode measures the entire range with emphasis on the center of the frame. And Spot mode measures light intensity only at the center.

Manual focus ensures focus control.
Under certain conditions, such as when shooting through glass or when your entire subject is flat and white, it may be difficult to focus using AF. Manual focus gets the job done with precision.

Histogram display provides up-to-the-moment exposure information.
Conditions constantly change. So must your exposure. The Caplio GX8 is equipped with a histogram display, which gives you a graphical representation of the exposure at that moment. Neither surrounding light nor LCD settings influence the reading.

Reproduce color accurately with white balance settings.
To ensure that you reproduce true colors under various light sources, the Caplio GX8 offers six white balance settings—Auto, Daylight, Overcast, Tungsten Light, Fluorescent Light and One Push, with which you can set the white balance manually.

White Balance Bracket and Auto Bracket.
With white balance set to the standard value, White Balance Bracket automatically shoots three images, one with a red tone, one at standard white, and one with a blue tone. By engaging Auto Bracket, you get three shots at three different exposure levels: -0.5EV,±0 and +0.5EV. This helps to ensure that you get the right image even under tricky light conditions.

Non-compression mode for the highest-quality images.
For most imaging needs, including producing the most popular size prints, the Caplio GX8’s N (Normal) and F (Fine) modes provide abundant resolution. But for art projects or huge enlargements, use NC (Non-compression) mode and get maximum quality with uncompressed 3264 x 2448 resolution.

Video recording with sound, and more.
With your Caplio GX8, you can shoot high-quality video (AVI, 30 fps) until your memory card is full. The digital zoom function can be used in video recording. You can even record sound with your still images, or simply use the camera as a handy voice recorder.

Three ways to power your Caplio GX8.
Running out of battery power has always been a problem with digital cameras. Ricoh provides a solution with three practical ways to power your camera. The Caplio GX8 is available with a high-capacity rechargeable battery, but also runs on AA batteries, which covers you in an emergency.

An AC adapter is your third option. And to conserve power, the synchro monitor mode automatically switches off the display when it is not in use.

Long-life battery gets you around 400 shots*.
Fully charged, the optional high-capacity rechargeable battery gives you the power to shoot approximately 400 pictures*. Abundant power for the typical holiday.

* Battery performance measured using CIPA-standard parameters. Actual performance may vary according to usage conditions.

Up-down dial and ADJ button for easy manual operation.
With the Caplio GX8’s up-down dial, you change menu settings, aperture and shutter speed quickly with a few flicks of your thumb. You can also customize your camera with the ADJ button. Arrange the frequently used settings of exposure, white balance, and ISO sensitivity, plus an additional setting of your choice, in a menu for immediate access.

SD Memory Card/Internal 26MB memory.
The Caplio GX8 is compatible with the SD Memory Card, a compact, high-speed, highly reliable media. But even without a card, you can record images on 26MB of built-in memory.

Record the date and time with your picture.
You can record the date (year/month/day) or date and time (year/month/day, hour/minute) in the right bottom corner of any still image.

1.8-inch high-detail LCD monitor (approx. 130,000 pixels).
The amount of detail visible on the LCD monitor is stunning. Even when an image is enlarged, this high-precision LCD monitor lets you accurately preview focus—a big advantage especially when you’re using manual focus.

A high-class camera that conforms to your hand.
We designed the Caplio GX8 to offer a comfortable grip with all controls at your fingertips for intuitive use. An elegant aluminum alloy body provides a solid feel without compromising weight.

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