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Friday, Jul 01, 2005

World’s 1st Self-Playing Digital Audiobook

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WorldPlayaway, the world’s 1st digital audiobook bundled with a player. Simply purchase off the shelf and listen on the go, no external player needed.

No more downloading, CDs or cassettes. Weighing only 6 ounces of droppable plastic, this digital audiobook is packed with many features:

  • Volume control
  • Speed of narration
  • Bookmarks
  • Skip back/forward
  • Rewind/fast-forward
  • Small display

Whether you are a business traveler on a cross-country flight or a passenger in a ride across town, Playaway is the only way to enjoy books on the go. Designed in conjunction with IDEO, one of the industry’s leading product innovation and design firms, Playaway goes straight from the shelves to your ears with the best-selling content from leading publishers and authors.

Jogging, biking, lying by the pool, gardening or commuting to work — any time is the right time for Playaway. We live in a world that is always on the go, but with Playaway, you can enjoy a good book no matter where you are or no matter what you are doing.

“People are ready for a product that finally makes portable digital content available in a simple and immediately usable format that fits into their life,” said Christopher Celeste, one of Findaway’s founding partners. “Everyone will enjoy the fact that they can get first-run books with first- rate digital audio without having to download it or buy a separate digital device.”

Playaway gives listeners the option of placing digital bookmarks and controlling the speed of a narrator’s voice, all while easily moving both forward and back through their audio selection. The player is packaged with earbuds, a lanyard and a AAA battery to allow consumers to listen as soon as they are ready, no more waiting on a download or for your PC to sync with your PDA. Because of its size, half the size of a deck of cards, Playaway is convenient for people of all walks of life.

“Working with Findaway, we set out to create something that is portable, affordable and easy to use,” said Mike Nuttall, an IDEO founder. “Because Playaway is so technologically simple, anyone will be able to enjoy it and adapt it to their listening needs and desires.”

However, when you want to bring along several audiobooks, it may seem troublesome to carry 4 such players instead of a more portable mp3 player. If only Playaway allows the users to transfer the songs to other digital devices via USB.

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