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Wednesday, Jun 22, 2005

Make Payment With Your Fingerprint

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BiopaySimply scan your index finger and enter a 10-digit personal code to make your payment over the counter. No more worries with credit card frauds.

This innovative technology is made possible with QuikTouch by Biopay, a leader in biometric transaction processing. The customer’s finger is used to authorize a debit from his or her checking account. Once enrolled in the program, the customer no longer needs to carry debit cards, checks or cash to make a payment.

The BioPay system uses a person’s unique finger image and their chosen BioPay number (usually a phone number) to authorize a secured debit direct from their checking account. The one-time enrollment can be completed at any merchant that offers the biometric payment service and the entire process takes less than two minutes. Once enrolled, the customer can purchase in seconds with their finger at any BioPay payment location across the United States. The BioPay service is free to the consumer.

Lowes Foods in North Carolina began testing the first retail biometric payment system. Customers at the stores can pay for their groceries with the touch of a finger. “In addition to being the most secure payment method available, QuikTouch can help us provide even faster checkout for our customers,” said Lowes Foods President Curtis Oldenkamp. “This is absolutely the most convenient and most secure way to pay for groceries. Plus, there’s no cost for the customer to enroll in or use QuikTouch.”

Many retailers across the country are choosing BioPay to give their check writing and credit/debit customers greater convenience when making a purchase. As a result, retailers are experiencing a dramatic reduction in payment processing costs.

BioPay provides the convenience of a secure, wallet-less world where a person can go out for a walk to buy a coffee or an ice cream without having to carry a heavy wallet or purse. Retailers are paying too much in credit and debit card fees and BioPay solves that problem. With merchant pricing that starts at a nickel per transaction, BioPay is not only less expensive than Visa’s typical two percent fee.

However, such payment services may not be feasible over the Internet because of the risks that others may acquire your fingerprints. Worse still, there is no way to get a new replacement for your fingerprint. Or perhaps, you can use another finger — that would give you another 9 chances to make a new replacement.

Video demonstration of making payment with fingerprint

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