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Monday, Sep 19, 2005

Females Peeing Upright With P-Mate

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Females Peeing Upright With P-MateP-Mate enables women to urinate easily while standing up via a disposable paper device. Launched 4 years ago, it is now in common usage in Europe and is a convenient, hygienic, portable, leak proof, discreet, no-brain solution to the bad sanitary and problematic circumstances faced by women all over the world. No more long queues outside female toilets anymore!

How the idea was conceived
During a journey through Indonesia, Dutch born Moon Zijp was confronted with the fact that when she needed to pee she would always find herself in a challenging situation. Moon would have to go deep into the jungle to allow her sufficient privacy to pee, as well as confronting the difficulty of squatting. From these experiences, which most women can relate to, she developed her first P-Mate at the Amsterdam Academy of Arts. This device allowed her and other women to pee while standing upright.

This idea was cemented in the minds of the Dutch when a local talk show host, Paul de Leeuw, interviewed Moon and she demonstrated the P-Mate live in front of the nation! From that point she was overwhelmed with publicity and interest and opened up her idea to all the women of the Netherlands.

How to use P-Mate
1. Simply pop open the P-Mate, move your underwear aside, and place the cupped opening against your body under the flow area between your legs.

2. Tilt hips so funnel faces slightly downwards. Relax and pee.

3. Dispose of in the garbage.

In an agreement reached with Joe Product Promotions of London, England, Go Your Way will be the sole distributor for P-Mate in Colorado, with sales expected to begin by the end of August. This will be the first distribution of P-Mate into the U.S.

“This is a revolutionary product that has taken Europe by storm,” said Karen Diamond, president of Go Your Way. “It allows women to pee standing up, just like the boys, giving a whole new slant on equal rights for women. It can easily fit into your pocket or handbag, so it goes with you wherever you go.”

She explained that it can be used when there are no toilets available such as when camping or hiking, or when the toilet is just too filthy to sit on. The invention is great for traveling, during pregnancy or during any outdoor activity, in addition to being a big help for a woman giving a urine sample at a clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. P-Mate is discreet, hygienic, environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials.

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