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Monday, Jul 11, 2005

Big Screen Viewing Effect For Mobile Phone Videos

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MicroOpticalFrance Telecom’s wireless unit, Orange SA, will soon roll out a new mobile video service that will let cellular phone subscribers view TV, movies, photos and broadband Internet content with a big screen viewing effect using Kopin®-enabled video eyewear from U.S.-based MicroOptical Corp. Kopin Corp. (Nasdaq: KOPN - News), the largest U.S. manufacturer of microdisplays for mobile consumer electronics and military applications, has received an order for CyberDisplay® 230K microdisplays from MicroOptical for this application.

Orange SA, one of the world’s leading wireless companies with 52 million customers in 16 countries, will bundle a MicroOptical binocular video eyewear with Samsung’s SGH-D600 cell phone as part of its new “Orange World” wireless multimedia service. The bundled package, unveiled in June 2005 at the European Research and Innovation Exhibition in Paris, is scheduled to be available to Orange subscribers in October 2005.

MicroOptical’s video eyewear contains two of Kopin’s full-color, QVGA-resolution (320 x 240) CyberDisplay 230K microdisplays. The sleek eyewear allows users to privately view large-size video or pictures equivalent to a 12-inch screen as seen from three feet away, yet simultaneously view their surroundings thanks to the small size of the frame and MicroOptical’s patented optics which allow the user to see around the screen. Europe’s AFP news wire service called the bundled technology “a sure fire hit,” saying that the eyewear’s “big screen effect” is stunning, especially when combined with built-in stereo earpieces.

“Kopin CyberDisplays are becoming the standard microdisplays of choice for mobile video applications thanks to their ability to provide the highest video quality in the smallest footprint and with very low power consumption,” said Dr. Mark Spitzer, MicroOptical’s founder and CEO. “We are very happy with our partnership with Kopin and really excited about being a part of Orange’s multimedia wireless service. We are ramping up the production to meet the initial customer demand.”

“The mobile video revolution is unfolding in the cellular phone market as we speak,” said Dr. John C.C. Fan, Kopin’s president and CEO. “Consumers want to be able to watch movies, music videos and TV, browse the Web and check their e-mail on their cell phones on the go. But the phone’s small screen has inhibited widespread consumer adoption. MicroOptical’s innovative video eyewear is enabling the big screen capabilities that consumers demand, and yet is very lightweight and similar to eyeglasses.”

The Kopin CyberDisplay 230K’s tiny size (0.24-inch diagonal) enabled MicroOptical to design a featherweight (2.5 oz.), comfortable and stylish video eyewear solution for Orange SA. MicroOptical’s binocular video eyewear delivers crisp, full-color video with a 17-degree field of view. The eyewear is connected to a cell phone through a thin cable, and allows up to five hours of video with three AAA batteries. Since it accepts composite video input (NTSC or PAL), the eyewear can be plugged into other devices with composite video outputs such as portable DVD players.

Built with nanotechnology, the CyberDisplay 230K with approximately 230,000 pixel dots in 0.24″ diagonal is the highest resolution transmissive display of its size. In addition to displaying standard text and graphics, the display operates at traditional video speeds and consumes only five milliwatts of power. Kopin’s power-efficient CyberDisplay 230K is ideal for a range of portable consumer and industrial applications such as video eyewear and viewfinders for digital cameras and camcorders.

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    phoric says:

    So I guess nanotechnology is now a marketing buzzword.

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    The Loeki says:

    3D 2x full 800×600 SVGA, including headphones and headtracking, powered over USB for less than $1000.

    Only thing missing is a display adapter for cell phones.
    ’nuff said.

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    F-tomato says:

    Yeah… isn’t that annoying. “Built with nanotechnology”. If this were true, why is it only 320×240 res?

    There is a big difference between ‘micro’ and ‘nano’ which they dont seem to differentiate anymore…

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    neuman says:

    Ever see back to the future? Marty’s kids wear goggle displays just like this one ALL the time in the house. I was gonna try and rig one up for my PPC, but i guess somone is already mass marketing them, so why bother?

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    super luminous velocity says:

    heads up, the future is now!

    Ever see back to the future? Marty’s kids wear goggle displays just like this one ALL the time in the…

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    HotPepperGuy says:

    Anyone else notice the “funny” math?

    320 x 240 is only 76,800 pixels.

    So why are they claiming 230,000??? Are they trying to count each color separately?

    So, I guess that cheap 4 megapixel camera my friend bought, using that same logic, is actually a 12 megapixel powerhouse! WOW!

    Somebody needs to tell their “nanotechnology” marketing dept. that you only get to count each pixel ONCE.

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    UAV says:

    Just because something is built with nanotechnology does not mean it is “nano” in size. For all we know they could have been using failure analysis on a nano level and still be able to claim it was built with nanotechnology. My senior project in college was built using “nanotechnology” but the end product was an autonoumous helicopter.

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    None of Your Business says:

    Kool Product of the Week (KaPOW!) Mobile Video

    This has got to be one of the Koolest Kool Products of the Week so far. Video and audio goggles for mobile users have been a long time coming, and these “CyberDisplay” units do it all. You get big screen viewing area, great resolution capable of han…

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