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Sunday, Aug 13, 2006

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K Review - LetsGoDigital

Aug 13, 2006 | Category: Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K

Sony has come up with a decent camera in the Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K.

Consider the price/quality ration in the current market and you will see that the well known DSLR manufacturers have suddenly been confronted with a competitor to be afraid of! Not only is the Sony Alpha 100 a pleasure to work with, it also gives great results.

The Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K is only the beginning of Sony’s rise in the world of reflex cameras. To the competitors, one can only say - watch the Sony Alpha 100 - this camera is ready to conquer market share!

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Saturday, Aug 12, 2006

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K Review - DCRP

Aug 12, 2006 | Category: Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K

With more than a little help from Konica Minolta, Sony has successfully entered the digital SLR arena with their Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K.

With a high resolution 10.2 Megapixel sensor, built-in image stabilization and dust reduction systems, and super-fast performance, the A100K gives the competition a run for their money. Despite a few annoyances, the A100 offers quite a lot — and it earns recommendation.

The A100K focuses very quickly, even at the telephoto end of the lens. When the flash is popped up (which is done manually) it will be used as an AF-assist lamp, and it helps the camera lock focus even in dark rooms. Shutter lag was not an issue, and shot-to-shot delays were minimal.

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Sunday, Aug 06, 2006

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 Review – DPExpert

Aug 06, 2006 | Category: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5

A 7.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss zoom lens with a 36–432mm range (film equivalent), Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H5 is an evolutionary development from the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H1.

A versatile camera providing all the controls found on a single lens reflex but without the benefit of a true optical viewfinder. It can be used as a point and shoot camera but it also has a full set of creative controls. It uses Sony’s unique Memory Stick and AA batteries.

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Monday, Jul 31, 2006

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T30 Review - T3

Jul 31, 2006 | Category: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T30

The latest in Sony’s slim and stylish T-series boasts higher resolution, longer battery life, a bigger screen and much-improved low-light shooting.

Controls are fast and easy to use and response-times are generally very quick.

T-series snappers have always been skinny, but Cyber-shot T30 adds grace and solidity - a great compact.

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Sunday, Jul 30, 2006

Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K Review - PopPhoto

Jul 30, 2006 | Category: Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K

The Sony Alpha DSLR-A100K has a well-designed and well-built body, is fully compatible with all older Konica Minolta lenses, has built-in image stabilization, a dust-removal system, great image and metering controls, an eye-activated AF system, and a large 2.5-inch LCD.

KM and Minolta loyalists should be thrilled with the A100, as it continues many of the best aspects of the Maxxum line and won’t let their investment in lenses go to waste.

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