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Sunday, Nov 04, 2007

Samsung L700 Review - ImagingResources

Nov 04, 2007 | Category: Samsung L700

The Samsung L700 is a reasonably attractive, nicely built and affordable digital camera aimed at the entry level end of the market.

Despite some quirks, the design is reasonably user-friendly, and image quality is fair at lower ISO sensitivities. Crank the sensitivity up a bit though, and the resulting images get rather soft and noisy. Add in an autofocus system that fails to achieve focus lock too often in low light, and you won’t want to be shooting in those conditions too much. The lens design shows promise in terms of sharpness and has relatively minimal distortion, but needs smaller steps across the zoom range and does suffer from lens flare as well as chromatic aberration unusually far into the center of the image.

If you’re mostly planning on taking outdoors snapshots in good weather though, then the Samsung L700 could fit the bill as an affordable, pocket-friendly camera for day trips.

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