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Wednesday, Oct 04, 2006

Samsung NV7 OPS Review - Digital Camera Info

Oct 04, 2006 | Category: Samsung NV7 OPS

Samsung priced the Samsung V7 OPS at $399 and I can take plenty of guesses why. Perhaps it’s the 7.2-megapixel image sensor. Perhaps it is the high-resolution 2.5-inch LCD screen with the groundbreaking Smart Touch interface. Maybe it is the 7x optical zoom lens pinned onto the 0.8-inch thick body. Perhaps it is the optical picture stabilization system that is so effective it even warrants the end of the camera’s title, Samsung NV7 OPS.

The camera has many great qualities, but most have to do with its raw specs. The camera also has plenty of great components, but those didn’t translate into beautiful pictures on the display model we examined. Many of the pictures looked blurry, noisy, or distorted from various recording factors. So while the Samsung NV7 OPS looks like the next big thing on paper, if there isn’t a firmware fix or some other alterations to the internal components prior to shipping, its pictures won’t pan out to be as gorgeous as its specifications.

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Sunday, Aug 13, 2006

Samsung GX 1L Review - Steves Digicams

Aug 13, 2006 | Category: Samsung Digimax GX 1L

The Samsung GX 1L was designed with entry-level DSLR users in mind with its easy-to-use features and aggressive price point, that features a host of automatic functions including Auto Sensitivity, Auto Picture Mode and a newly designed operation system. This, combined with its full range of advanced manual functions, make the 6-megapixel GX 1L perfect for the beginning through advanced DSLR user.

The GX 1L may suffer in a direct comparison of specifications, but its 18-55mm kit lens, very good image quality, small size and light weight make it a good value and quite worthy of consideration.

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Thursday, Aug 10, 2006

Samsung NV3 Review - Pocket Lint

Aug 10, 2006 | Category: Samsung NV3

The Samsung NV3 is a slim-line digital camera that offers a whopping 7 megapixel resolution, a 3x optical zoom and a large clear bright (even in direct sunlight) 2.5 inch display.

Other features of merit are the on-screen display of the top rotating dial so you can see what you are turning the mode knob to and a digital camcorder with MPEG4 TVD (720 x 480) 20fps & VGA (640 x 480) 30fps including an Auto Gain Control (AGC) feature that minimizes zoom noise during video recording.

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Saturday, Jul 22, 2006

Samsung Digimax S500 Review - CNET Asia

Jul 22, 2006 | Category: Samsung Digimax S500

Samsung calls its S-series cameras point-and-shoots, but these slim snappers offer controls that could help them break away from the usual crop of mindless auto-only cameras. Before you get your hopes up, we have to warn that the Samsung Digimax S500’s image quality leaves quite a bit to be desired.

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Friday, Jul 21, 2006

Samsung Digimax L55W Review - DigiCamReview

Jul 21, 2006 | Category: Samsung Digimax L55W

The Samsung Digimax L55W on paper is an impressive camera, with a wide-angle 4.8x optical zoom lens, a wide-aspect ratio photo mode and an impressive wide-aspect ratio 2.8″ screen the camera is very appealling.

However, image quality was generally slightly disappointing, especially when it came to the high levels of purple fringing when photos contained trees or other high contrast areas.

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