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Wednesday, Jul 19, 2006

Olympus SP-320 Review - CNET

Jul 19, 2006 | Category: Olympus SP-320

With Olympus’s 7-megapixel models, the Olympus SP-320 and the Olympus SP-310, the company caters to that snapshooter who wants a camera with more manual options than are offered by entry-level point-and-shoot models.

The only difference between the two is the digital image stabilization available on the Olympus SP-320. That mode simply uses a higher ISO sensitivity setting in order to use a faster shutter speed.

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Saturday, Jun 03, 2006

Olympus SP-320 Zoom Review - Steves Digicams

Jun 03, 2006 | Category: Olympus SP-320

While the Olympus SP-320 offers some very appealing features, it disappoints with its lackluster performance.

On the positive side it delivers excellent image quality and has exposure modes to suit the needs of all users. With a street price of $299 or less, I feel it offers an OK value for an entry level 7-megapixel model.

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