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Saturday, Mar 05, 2005

Olympus C-7070 Review -

Mar 05, 2005 | Category: Olympus C-7070

Olympus C-7070Jumping from a 5 megapixel to a 7 megapixel, the Olympus Camedia C-7070 Wide Zoom is the next incarnation of the C-5060, a camera that was very well-received at the beginning of 2004. The body design of the C-7070 is identical to the C-5060 and the observations we made in January of 2004 while reviewing that camera are as pertinent for this new version. The C-7070 is a big compact, housed in a high-strength body and featuring a hinged 1.8 inch LCD monitor.

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Wednesday, Jan 05, 2005

Olympus C-7070 Review

Jan 05, 2005 | Category: Olympus C-7070

Olympus C-7070Olympus launches the much-anticipated new 7.1 million pixel Olympus C-7070 WIDE ZOOM. With a magnesium-alloy body and high quality lens, extending from 27mm all the way to 110mm for 4x optical zoom power, it excels in versatility and precision. And, for the very first time in an Olympus compact camera, it incorporates a 143-point dual autofocus system that enables predictive measurements, allowing images to be taken with incredible sharpness – even when the subject is moving.

Perfect for macro & wide angle photography
With 7.1 million pixels, even the most intricate aspects of an image are captured in minute detail by the C-7070 WIDE ZOOM and its F2.8-4.8 high-precision lens. Comprised of eight elements arranged in seven groups, it incorporates two aspherical lenses and one low-refractive-index ED (Extra-low Dispersion) element. The 4x zooming range extends to 110mm from an ultra-wide-angle starting point of just 27mm (35mm equivalents).

It’s ideally suited for architects, interior designers and any others requiring an extremely wide angle of view. Even cornershading at wide viewing angles is not an issue, thanks to a lens system tailor-made for digital photography and featuring nearly telecentric optics. The C-7070 WIDE ZOOM is also geared for extreme close-ups. From just 3cm away, this model can fill a frame with a subject of just 20.7 x 27.8mm in Super Macro mode.
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