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Monday, May 16, 2005

HP Photosmart R607 Review - Harajuku Lovers Digital Camera by Gwen Stefani

May 16, 2005 | Category: HP Photosmart R607

HP Photosmart R607 Harajuku Lovers Digital Camera by Gwen Stefani‘’Harajuku Lovers'’ Digital Camera — Only 3,000 Produced

HP today announced the availability of Gwen Stefani’s custom-designed HP digital camera.

Designed for her fans, the limited edition (only 3,000 produced) “HP Photosmart R607 Harajuku Lovers Digital Camera by Gwen Stefani” is styled in turquoise and white with maroon-colored accents, including hearts and Japanese kanji and katakana characters. The camera retails for $249 and features a host of stylish extras, including a carrying case and charms designed by Gwen herself.

On Wednesday, Gwen will be presenting Ellen DeGeneres and a few lucky Ellen DeGeneres Show audience members with the first cameras off the production line. Ellen viewers and Gwen fans will be able to log onto and to enter to win a camera.
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Saturday, May 07, 2005

HP Photosmart R717 Review - Steve’s Digicams

May 07, 2005 | Category: HP Photosmart R717

HP Photosmart R717The HP PhotoSmart R717 is the 2005 upgrade of the very popular R707 for last year. It incorporates all of the features found on its predecessor, but adds higher resolution at 6-megapixels (compared to the R707’s 5-megapixels) and a larger more resolute 1.8-inch LCD. This is a durable and highly capable digicam, packed with various shooting modes, and unique features like HP’s Adaptive lighting, in-camera red-eye removal, and an Instant Share menu. It offers the beginner a multitude of in depth help screens and a full Help menu that describes the features and controls of the camera. There are advanced exposure features like Aperture Priority, but its main purpose is to be a point-n-shoot camera that produces beautiful pictures and makes the uploading and printing process simple and easy.

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HP Photosmart M22 Review - Steve’s Digicams

May 07, 2005 | Category: HP Photosmart M22

HP Photosmart M22The HP Photosmart M22 is another addition to the popular Photosmart series and includes many of the innovative features found on HP’s higher-end models like Adaptive lighting and in-camera red eye removal. This is an “entry-level” point-n-shoot that boasts a 4-megapixel imager combined with a HP Precision 36.7mm (equivalent) fixed focal length lens. Aimed more at the beginner, it offers fully automatic operation coupled with various help screens, and also includes a full Help menu that describes various features and controls of the camera. For those who want to be a little more creative, the M22 offers 9 pre-programmed scene modes (Macro, Action, Landscape, Portrait, Panorama, Beach, Snow, and Sunset.)

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

HP Photosmart 435 Review - DigitalCameraInfo

May 03, 2005 | Category: HP Photosmart 435

HP Photosmart 435First and foremost, the Photosmart 435 is a budget, entry level point-and-shoot camera. This means it cannot be expected to have manual features that would impress photojournalists or a zoom lens that would make you feel important. That said, the Photosmart 435 is a great beginner’s camera, especially for the price, and can prove to take some solid pictures. The fact that it does not have any manual control options can be either seen as a limitation (if this is the case, you need to accept that you will have to spend more), or as a relief. How you perceive this will really decide if this is the camera for you.

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Wednesday, Apr 20, 2005

HP Photosmart R717 Review - CNET Reviews

Apr 20, 2005 | Category: HP Photosmart R717

HP Photosmart R717The 7.1-ounce HP Photosmart R717 is a nice-looking camera, with a pleasingly curvy design, a brushed-metal front, and an easy-to-grip rear surface. The 1.8-inch LCD screen isn’t terribly large, but it’s more than bright enough to read and can be adjusted to a lower setting to save on battery life. The buttons are nicely laid out on the rear right side of the camera; the only control not in immediate reach of your right thumb is the Shooting Mode button, located to the left of the R717’s top panel. The included optical viewfinder provides decent coverage of your frame, though if you’re zoomed all the way out, a piece of the camera’s lens is visible in the lower-right corner of the window. HP deserves kudos for its extremely well-designed menu and user interface; clicking OK on any menu function pulls up a detailed explanation of what to expect at every setting of each included feature. Furthermore, the menu’s uncomplicated layout makes it an engaging, educational tool for anyone just getting their feet wet in digital photography.

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