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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Casio QV-R62 Review - CNET Reviews

May 22, 2005 | Category: Casio QV-R62

Casio QV-R62Taking the resolution lead in Casio’s QV series, the 6-megapixel QV-R62 comes outfitted with newbie-friendly features such as Casio’s signature Best Shot scene modes and a pop-up help system. This nicely priced camera is easy to use and a good choice for snapshooters who want a little more from their camera than just the basic point-and-shoot. The Casio QV-R62 lags behind the competition in some ways–its Movie mode doesn’t record sound and its shot-to-shot time isn’t great, but if you’re more likely to be shooting a tree than a car race, this won’t be a problem.

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Monday, Mar 07, 2005

Casio QV-R62 Review - Steve’s Digicams

Mar 07, 2005 | Category: Casio QV-R62

Casio QV-R62The Casio QV-R62 is equipped with 23 unique and effective BestShot shooting modes. For example, the Coupling Shot mode combines 2 subjects into 1 image. Imagine you’re with your spouse or friend and want to take a shot of the two of you and there’s nobody else around to help you. One of you poses, the other takes the shot. Then you switch places and stand where you would if you had been next to your partner and she takes a second shot; the two pictures are then “merged” in the camera to form one image. This of course works best if the camera is sitting on a tripod or some other type of sturdy support. Other “cool” modes are the Business card and White board Best Shot scene modes. We first saw these new modes on the EX-Z55, and the EX-S100. They allow you to capture images at an angle, then correct them later in-camera to make the perspective as if you had shot the picture dead on to the subject. This may not be used much for making prints, but it is useful when you want to take a snap shot of someone’s business card or the black board at school, then later correct the image so you can retrieve the information on it.

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Thursday, Jan 06, 2005

Casio QV-R62 Review

Jan 06, 2005 | Category: Casio QV-R62

Casio QV-R62EXILIM Engine and Large 2.0-inch LCD Screen in a Compact Body

Casio, Inc, in conjunction with it’s parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today, at the 2005 International CES Show, the QV-R62, a 6-megapixel digital camera in the popular QV-R range with improved image quality and responsiveness thanks to the incorporation of Casio’s proprietary EXILIM Engine. In addition, several new advanced features have been included to enhance overall performance. This compact model is the flagship in the
QV-R series, and features a large 2.0-inch LCD screen and a 3X optical zoom lens in a compact aluminum body. The QV-R62, which is on display at Casio’s Booth # 9808, will be available at retail in January 2005, with an MSRP of $399.99.
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