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Saturday, Feb 12, 2005

Canon Powershot S230 Review - Designtechnica

Feb 12, 2005 | Category: Canon Powershot S230

Canon Powershot S230The Canon Powershot S230 is a great value in a small form factor. It features a host of manual controls for those who prefer to do some tweaking, but the automatic mode is perfect for those looking for nothing more than a nice point and shoot. Images are crisp, clean and quite impressive for the size and price. We had very few complaints with the S230, notably the time between pictures can be a little long when using the flash and the shutter lag that we experienced when the camera was in anything but automatic mode. In some of our test shots, we noticed a slight blue-purple discoloration around the edges of some objects, but it was very slight. However, most of our images and movies came out excellent in both manual and automatic modes.

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