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Sunday, Sep 24, 2006

Canon IXUS 65 / Powershot SD630 Review - ThinkCamera

Sep 24, 2006 | Category: Canon IXUS 65 / Powershot SD630

The Canon IXUS 65 / Powershot SD630 delivers beautiful pictures that are packed with detail far beyond what you might expect from a 6MP compact. The camera feels good in your hand and looks attractive and all the controls are well laid out and easy to use.

While I had it on test I couldn’t help thinking there was something missing. We’ve seen low light specialist, wide angle cameras and ultra ultra compacts. The Canon IXUS 65 / Powershot SD630 isn’t any of these - it’s a solid all rounder that will deliver great pictures. The styling still looks good 10 years on but without an all metal body this camera isn’t going to turn heads.

On the plus side it does have a HUGE screen and the easy controls give you great pictures. It really just lacks something to make you love it.

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