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Sunday, Feb 20, 2005

Canon IXUS 500 / Powershot S500 Review - DigiCamReview

Feb 20, 2005 | Category: Canon IXUS 500 / Powershot S500

Canon IXUS 500 / Powershot S500The Canon Digital IXUS 500 is a compact 5 megapixel digital camera with a 3x optical zoom lens and a small 1.5″ screen. Even though the camera is nearly a year old, I can imagine some people looking back at this camera as a classic, if there can be such a thing in the digital camera world. The camera records limited length 15fps videos with sound. It is easy to use, and produces very good images with very good colour and detail. It is quick, with an okay switch on time, good focus time and shutter response time, the continuous shooting mode is very good, as it lets you use the flash with no slow-down. For around £239 / $329 this compact and stylish camera is fairly expensive when compared to other cameras, however, it’s stylish, fits very easily into pockets, produces very good images, and has a great macro mode. The only things that let this camera down are the limited video length and small screen.

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