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Friday, Sep 08, 2006

Ricoh Caplio R5 Review - ThinkCamera

Sep 08, 2006 | Category: Ricoh Caplio R5

It would be very easy to walk past a Ricoh Caplio R5 in a camera shop and never even look at it. For it looks and feature list it is relatively expensive. Make no mistake though, this is an extremely capable camera.

If you buy a Ricoh R5 I would advise spending a little time with the manual to get the best out of it. Some scenes will require you to make decisions and override the camera to get the best shots - but the best shots are very good indeed.

This is a killer camera if you are into macro and should be very high on your shortlist for its 1cm close focusing.

Ricoh Caplio R5 is also an extremely fast camera. Once it has started up and focused it is very quick to take shots and seems capable of shooting at high speed for an extended period of time.

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