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Thursday, Jul 06, 2006

Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 Review - Ephotozine

Jul 06, 2006 | Category: Casio Exilim EX-Z1000

Although the image produced by the Casio is larger than those of the other two cameras due to the extra pixels, it is not as sharp or any more detailed than the others. Some of the fine detail appears to have been smudged out, either by in-camera noise reduction, or by a lack of lens resolution, which gives the image a slightly plasticcy look at 100%. There are also quite prominent sharpening artifacts (which can be seen where the building meets the sky), which detract further from the overall quality of the image.

Ergonomically, the Casio Exilim EX-Z1000 is a great camera. The controls are well laid-out plus the camera is quick and responsive. Unfortunately I am less impressed with the images produced by this camera, especially as the 10 megapixel resolution is one of the major selling points of this camera. Noise at high sensitivities and sharpening artefacts detract from what should be a fantastic camera on paper.

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Canon Powershot A700 Review -

Jul 06, 2006 | Category: Canon Powershot A700

From the tests I carry out Canon digital cameras produce the sharpest photos. The Canon Powershot A700 underlines this position with a series of very sharp shots. For close up photography the macro shot is above average without being one of the very best. The image is sharp and clear.

The Canon Powershot A700 does not come cheap. It is more expensive than a number of digital cameras with a 10x optical zoom lens. Putting aside the price if picture quality is important this camera will not let you down. Photos are as sharp as I have managed to take. Colours are strong as well. It also has all the features you need if you enjoy photography.

All in all the Powershot A700 makes a compelling case to be bought. Recommended.

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Wednesday, Jul 05, 2006

Samsung Digimax L85 Review - ComputerActive

Jul 05, 2006 | Category: Samsung Digimax L85

Though its pricing suggests a fully auto point and shoot, the Samsung Digimax L85 mixes in manual features alongside gimmicky picture effects and photo frames, plus a high quality MPEG4 movie mode with sound that allows full use of the optical zoom.

If you don’t mind the fact it won’t fit in a shirt pocket, at 250 the L85 represents impressive value. That given, it’s easy to overlook light sensitivity is disappointingly capped at ISO400, and no removable memory is included - just a 23Mb internal cache for storing four max quality JPEGs.

Making up for this, a ’super macro’ close up mode allows focusing down to 1cm, and is perfect for photographing the fine detail of summer blooms.

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Monday, Jul 03, 2006

Nikon Coolpix L3 Review - Pocket-lint

Jul 03, 2006 | Category: Nikon Coolpix L3

There is a problem, one that manifests itself most clearly in the Landscape settings; images are very soft and highlights are totally lost in some contrasty scenes. In addition, colours such as the greens of foliage and almost any reds seem so boosted until they look Disneyesque and very artificial. This is presumably deliberate and set to get a more vibrant looking print at the output stage.

Given Nikon Coolpix L3’s price, nice styling and clever ergonomics, it looks great value for money and while it does handle well and look nice, the final image quality lets the side down in the end.

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Fujifilm FinePix Z2 Review - ComputerActive

Jul 03, 2006 | Category: Fujifilm FinePix Z2

Overall Fujifilm FinePix Z2’s operation is similarly fuss-free, navigation of screen menus is intuitive, whilst a hand logo warns of possible camera shake and blurred images.

Downloaded photos are vividly coloured and rendered, but, not uncommonly, there’s occasional purple fringing visible between areas of high contrast - and since there’s little to grip on this slender camera, and the lens is not centrally situated, beware of stray fingers creeping into shot.

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