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Friday, Jul 08, 2005

Samsung Digimax V700 Review - CNET Reviews

Jul 08, 2005 | Category: Samsung Digimax V700

Samsung Digimax V700Anyone buying a large-megapixel camera that has the advantage of point-and-shoot simplicity and price these days will find a number of options but one common factor: they all cut corners somewhere to keep the price accessible. The Samsung Digimax V700, one of the company’s two 7-megapixel offerings in this category, does so by skimping almost everywhere except for its design. The result? An attractive, pocketable, and relatively inexpensive snapshot camera that’s a little too slow for action shots or dimly lit subjects and a little too soft on focus.

The camera’s 3X zoom lens, with a 35mm film-equivalent focal length of 38mm to 114mm, is unremarkable, perhaps even lackluster, in its range and aperture (f/2.8 at the wide end and f/5.1 at the telephoto). Macro images can be shot from 1.6 inches at the lens’s wide angle. Though it uses a lens made by Schneider Optics, which makes some of the world’s best magnifying loupes and enlarger lenses, the V700’s pictures lack uniform sharpness and are plagued by distracting light artifacts such as fringing and blooming, as well as geometric distortion, which makes straight lines look curved despite its relatively narrow angle of view. Even at its lowest sensitivity setting of ISO 50, you can see and measure a surprising amount of noise. Two customizable white-balance settings, a decent auto-exposure system, and solid red-eye performance ameliorate the problems somewhat.

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Sony Cyber-shot S90 Review - CNET Reviews

Jul 08, 2005 | Category: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S90

Sony Cyber-shot S90The Sony Cyber Shot DSC-S90 shows that you can expect a lot these days from an inexpensive camera. Equipping this model with the 4-megapixel sensor and 3X optical zoom that are now typical of entry-level models, Sony heats up the competition by adding a large LCD screen, fast response times, superior low-light performance, and above-average image quality. A few weaknesses make the S90 less suited for advanced users. They include limited manual settings and less than optimal close-up capabilities.

The S90 is the top-of-the-line model in Sony’s recent makeover of its S series of digital cameras. All three S-series cameras feature a 4.1-megapixel sensor and a 3X lens. The S40 has a 1.5-inch LCD screen, and the S60 sports a 2-inch screen, while the S90 tops them with a 2.5-inch screen. The S60 and S90 also support add-on conversion lenses.

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Tuesday, Jul 05, 2005

Ricoh Caplio GX8 Review - Trusted Reviews

Jul 05, 2005 | Category: Ricoh Caplio GX8

Ricoh Caplio GX8The GX8 is a very high specification model, with a range of features designed to appeal to the creative photographer. Its key selling points, apart from its sheer pixel-power, are its 3x optical zoom, 28-85mm (35mm equivalent) lens and its high-speed performance. It is ready to take pictures in just 1.3 seconds from a cold start, and is equipped with a hybrid autofocus system that can lock onto a subject in one tenth of a second, virtually eliminating shutter lag. Its shot-to-shot times are equally impressive. In maximum resolution mode (3,264 x 2,448 pixels, fine mode) it can shoot at 1.7 second intervals until the memory card is full, and in high-speed burst mode it can shoot 16 frames in two seconds, displaying the results in a single image as a 4×4 grid - useful for analysing high-speed action such as sports performance. It also has a second burst mode that can capture three frames in a second. In 640 x 480 resolution mode it can keep this speed up until the card is full.

The GX8 is also compatible with a wide range of accessories, including a wide-angle adapter that increases its already impressive 28mm maximum to 22mm, ideal for landscape shots. An accessory adapter allows the camera to be attached to telescopes, spotting scopes or microscopes, plus there’s an external USB equipped cable release which would be useful for self-portraits as well as preventing camera shake during long exposures. Unusually for a compact camera the GX8 has a hot-shoe for attaching an external flashgun, which improves the flash range and recharge time. It has no metering connection, so a non-dedicated flash will be your safest bet. The GX8 also connects directly to a personal computer or a PictBridge printer with a USB connector, so stored pictures can be downloaded or printed with ease.

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Pentax Optio 50 Review - Pocket-lint

Jul 05, 2005 | Category: Pentax Optio 50

Pentax Optio 50The model 50 is 14th camera to be launched in Pentax’s Optio digital range and with prices going down, and features going up, it’s offers a glimpse of the tough competition other manufactures are to face in the second half of 2005 and the run Christmas.

Currently the Optio 50 is the second cheapest camera, in the 5.0Megapixel band, that can be bought from online camera retailers, knocked from the top spot, by a measly £3, by Olympus’s Camedia C-180.

For those with a functioning knowledge of the current Optio range the model 50, closely resembles the S50, launched in Autum 2004, In fact if you pull up a comparison of the camera’s specifications that even though the 50 is almost £30 cheaper, both cameras are virtually identical.

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Sunday, Jul 03, 2005

Olympus C-315Z

Jul 03, 2005 | Category: Olympus C-315Z

Olympus C-315Z The new Olympus C-315 Zoom is a stylish and attractively priced camera. Building on the success of its predecessor the C-310Z, pronounced ‘Best Digital Budget Compact Camera’ by TIPA in 2004, the new Olympus C-315Z boasts the same special blend of design, performance, handling and affordability. It’s resolution has also been significantly increased to 5.1 million pixels to provide exceptional picture quality but what won’t be changing is the camera’s great value for money.

Available from the end of July, the Olympus C-315Z comes highly recommended for first-time digital camera buyers and all those who are budget conscious yet still demand high-quality results.
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